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Background: Therapeutic recombinant protein drugs expressed in mammalian cells are closer to human natural protein in structure and function At different stages of drug development, a rapid preparation of sufficient and high-quality antigen and antibody proteins can facilitate a flexible and comprehensive experimental design, thereby accelerating the drug R&D.
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Case Study
1. Experience in preparation of Different Types Of Proteins
The expression data based on different expression volumes of 4 different types of proteins (nanobodies, human IgG antibodies, cytokines, and other types of recombinant proteins) are shown in Table 1. It shows that all 4 types of proteins were successfully expressed and purified after 5-7 days of expression.
Fig. 1 Quantity Chart of Protein Preparation of Sanyou Biology over the years
Table 1 Example data for Sanyou recombinant protein preparation
2. Quality Control Data
CHO/HEK293 expression system was used, after 7 days upon transient expression, the target antibody protein was obtained after purification. Case data on concentration, purity, molecular weight, thermal stability, binding or blocking bioactivity analysis and affinity kinetics of protein samples are shown in the following figures.
Purity of antibody protein is > 95%
Fig. 3 SEC
Main peak area of protein is > 95%
Fig. 4 DSF
The Tm (75 °C) of the marketed antibody drug A are consistent with the Tm from literatures
Fig. 5 Biacore
High antibody affinity with antigen, with a KD value of 9.93 nM
Fig. 6 Binding activity
Optimal antibody affinity activity at the cellular level, with an EC50 of 0.631–1.248 nM
Fig. 7 Blocking activity
Optimal antibody blocking activity at the cellular level, with an EC50 of 0.155–2.392 nM
Facilities and Equipment
1) Over a hundred units of cutting-edge instruments and equipment to guarantee batch size
2) Automatic high-throughput equipment to guarantee quantity
3) All-inclusive quality control equipment to guarantee quality
Automatic pipetting workstation
Automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument
Biosafety cabinet
Three-layer combined full temperature oscillating incubator
AKTA pure protein purification instrument
Agilent 1100 high performance liquid chromatograph
Biacore T200
ProbeLife Gator bioanalyzer
SpectraMax iD3 microplate reader
Cell counter
Shimadzu high performance liquid chromatograph
Sanyou has established an integrated innovative antibody drug R&D laboratory equipped with advanced facilities with over 20,000 square meters.
Plasmid construction laboratory
Protein expression laboratory
Protein purification laboratory
Physicochemical analysis laboratory
Sample storage room
Drug stability laboratory
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